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Welcome to the home of Stories of Music, a series of anthologies centered on the inspiring impact music has on people’s lives. Music is something we all have in common—it transcends religion, race, language, and even time. By bringing together distinct, yet relatable accounts from authors and artists from around the world, Stories of Music celebrates our universal connection to music and brings to light some of the most unexpected stories of music changing lives.

Learn more about Stories of Music, Volumes 1 and 2 below.

Stories of Music, Volume 2

Stories of Music Volume 2

Stories of Music, Volume 2 continues the multimedia anthology series that focuses on the ways in which music impacts people’s lives. Featuring works by authors and artists from around the world, Volume 2 celebrates how music can propel us forward—despite obstacles, pain, and uncertainty—and in some cases, save lives.

You will meet a host of incredible people in these heartfelt stories: a man who survived the Holocaust because he was a talented violinist, a woman who learned to play the piano at age 91, the founder of the World Mouth Harp Festival of India, and many more. You will travel back in time to experience monumental moments in music history, and to present-day India, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Israel, Russia, Siberia, Morocco, and the United States, where you will discover stories from people who continue to live through music today.

While reading, enjoy an interactive experience by listening to original music and watching videos that accompany select stories—presented in a free companion web edition. You will find QR codes and short URLs throughout the book to direct you to the correlating multimedia works (find full instructions inside the book).

10% of proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations Hungry for Music and Music & Memory.

Stories of Music, Volume 2 is the winner of an International Book Award for Anthologies: Nonfiction and a Finalist in Next Generation Indie Book Awards‘ General Nonfiction category.

Stories of Music, Volume 1

Stories of Music Volume 1

Get your copy of Stories of MusicVolume 1 and discover the inspiring music experiences of more than 40 authors and artists from 11 countries.

Learn how rock and blues music helped to heal the war-torn country of Bosnia, about the tradition of candombe drumming in Uruguay, and the history of musicians who travelled on foot, from the balladeers of Victorian England and the Delta bluesmen of the early 20th century to present day musicians who participate in the Massachusetts Walking Tour. Along with these and other stories, this book will introduce you to fascinating people and perspectives; it will make you laugh, cry, and celebrate with the subjects of the stories; and, it will inspire the music lover in you.

10% of book proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations Hungry for Music and Music & Memory. Learn more about our giving efforts.

Stories of Music, Volume 1 is the winner of two 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, including Third Place Grand Prize for Nonfiction and another award for the Anthology category. The book is also a 2016 Colorado Book Award winner for the Anthology category.