Try these 8 story prompts to inspire your Stories of Music: Volume 2 submission

The submission deadline for Stories of Music: Volume 2 is only one month away (April 1, 2016). Have you submitted your story yet? If you’re learning about this project for the first time, Stories of Music is a series of anthologies centered on the inspiring impact music has on people’s lives—from it’s role in healing, family relationships, and cultural traditions to musicianship, travel, and beyond.

I am looking for submissions in a variety of categories for what will be a multimedia book, including poetry, nonfiction, photography, audio recordings (e.g., original music, author-read stories or poems, or a combination of the two), as well as video works. In case you’re wondering how this will work, the print book will include QR codes and simple URLs to direct readers to a free companion web edition for accessing the audio and video components. Check out the Stories of Music: Volume 1 web edition to give you an example.

Each author/artist whose work is accepted for publication will receive $200 and a copy of the book. Plus, 10% of book proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations Hungry for Music and Music & Memory, so you can also feel good about sharing your story for a music-centered cause.

For some people, it’s easy to recall a story in which music has impacted their lives or those around them. For others, it’s helpful to have some prompts to get started. So, I’ve put together a few story ideas that might inspire you.

1. How have you used music for healing, either for yourself or others in your life?
2. Profile someone in your community who is using music to serve people, or to bring people together.
3. Share a story about a musician who has been an important force in your life.
4. How has music connected you to someone you love?
5. Share an historical account of music in your family or community.
6. What has travel taught you about music in other cultures?
7. What impactful experiences have you had with music or musicians as it relates to your work?
8. Describe a live music performance that you will never forget, and why it was so meaningful.

These are just a few ideas, so feel free to be creative with your story. This call for submissions is open to anyone from anywhere in the world, and it is free to submit your work.

Good luck, and I look forward to reviewing your submissions!

Holly Tripp
Publisher and Editor
Stories of Music